Campari tomato tips:

Campari tomatoes are the right tomato for all your needs:
Campari tomatoes are firm to the touch. They are a bright shiny red with unblemished skin. Since they are kept on the vine, they continue to ripen naturally and produce a fresh off the vine aroma.

How to store Campari tomatoes:
Campari tomatoes should NEVER be refrigerated. Cold temperatures tend to cause tomatoes to lose their flavor and cause them to become pulpous. Campari tomatoes should be stored at room temperature, with stems up to avoid bruising. Do not store Campari tomatoes in direct sunlight; it will cause them to ripen quicker and dehydrate.

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Cooking tips:

For best results, use a sharp serrated knife. Remove stems and cores; cut slices to desired thickness.

For best results, cut Campari tomato horizontally across the middle. Use the tip of the knife and dig out the seeds while gently squeezing the Campari tomato.

To easily peel a Campari tomato, cut a very thin cross on the bottom of the Campari tomato. Place the Campari tomato in a pot of boiling water for approximately 30 seconds. Remove the Campari from boiling water with a spoon and immediately transfer to a bowl of cold water. Once the Campari tomato has cooled, it will be very easy to peel off the skin.

To roast tomatoes, halve and seed the Campari tomatoes. Drizzle olive oil on the Campari tomatoes and place the halved side down on a baking sheet and bake at 425°F. Add seasoning such as basil, fennel, or parsley for flavor.

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