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Campari TRUMPS other cocktail tomato varieties
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New Campari tomatoes deliver authentic tomato taste
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Congratulations to the 2005 winners of the Mastronardi Produce - Loblaws Stores Sunset Campari Venice Romance trip giveaway!
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Campari TRUMPS other cocktail tomato varieties

Say,“You’re hired” to Camparis tomatoes
and watch your business grow!

ATLANTA – Nov. 5, 2005 – Retailers need a bona fide leader, not an apprentice, to drive sales of their tomato categories.

New research shows why Campari tomatoes trump the competition and are the best choice to lead your category.

From Q1 to Q3 2005 Campari tomatoes dollar sales reached $11 million across the total U.S., an increase of 47 percent compared to the same period in 2004.

”The new varieties being introduced to the tomato category are just apprentices compared to the Campari, said Kari Volyn, spokesperson for the Campari Marketing Group. “Campari is the real deal, an established variety with a proven ability to increase sales.”

Camparis are the only tomato in the marketplace with the full support of an integrated go-to market program that includes consumer research, sales data and other tools to help retailers grow their business.

That program support is paying off; in the first three quarters of 2005, Campari tomatoes generated nearly as much dollar sales as all of 2004 ($11 million Q1 to Q3 2005 compared to $11.2 million total year 2004.)

”Consumers love the authentic tomato taste of Camparis and are willing to pay more per pound which generates higher sales volume and drives overall category preference,” Volyn said.

Camparis will be featured at three grower/shipper exhibitor booths at the 2005 PMA Fresh Summit: BC Hothouse, Eurofresh Farms and Mastronardi Produce.

“We’ve heard there may be a famous business tycoon who will trade the boardroom for a chance to serve Campari recipes to show attendees,” Volyn said.

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New Campari tomatoes deliver authentic
tomato taste

CHICAGO – October 10, 2005 – Nothing tastes as fresh as a juicy ripe tomato.

Now you can have that fresh from the vine flavor year round with Campari tomatoes.

Europe’s favorite tomato, the Campari tomato, is available now in American supermarkets year-round; good news for people who crave that garden-grown tomato flavor.

A Campari tomato is a round, snack-sized tomato (about 1-2 inches in diameter) vine-ripened, with a deep, vibrant red color.

Hand-picked at their peak ripeness, Campari tomatoes taste like the tomatoes your grandparents used to grow,” said Kari Volyn, Campari spokesperson.

Campari tomatoes are sold in clusters on the vine to ensure peak freshness and flavor; their smaller size makes them just right for snacking, salads, bruschetta or salsa.

To ensure maximum flavor; leave tomatoes on their vine after purchase and always store at room temperature; refrigeration permanently alters tomato flavor.

Developed in Europe and imported to the US in the 1990s; Campari tomatoes are available at supermarkets across the country.

Look for the Campari name on the label when you buy tomatoes,” Volyn said. “Or ask your produce manager for Campari tomatoes.

Courtesy of the Campari Marketing Group – October 2005

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Congratulations to the 2005 winners of the Mastronardi Produce - Loblaws Stores Sunset Campari Venice Romance trip giveaway!

Mastronardi Produce and Loblaws Canada would like to congratulate Alain Nadon of Montreal, Quebec; Kathy Keller of St. Lazare, Quebec; and David Duncan of Whitby, Ontario; on winning the Sunset Campari Romance trip giveaway to beautiful Venice, Italy.  Sunset Campari... The Tomato Lover's TomatoTM!!! 

August 12,2005, Ms. Linda McKinlay from Mastronardi Produce, along with store managers from Loblaws stores presented the three winners with Sunset Passports to romantic Venice.  Mastronardi Produce is the proud sponsor of the summer 2005 Venice Romance Trip Sweepstakes.  

Winner Alain Nadon; Mastronardi Produce's Linda McKinlay; Loblaws Concorde store manager - Yvon Meloche

Winners Robert Corriveau and Kathy Keller; Mastronardi Produce's Linda McKinlay and Loblaws Vaudeuil store manager Danny Leblanc

Real Canadian Superstore store manager Sarah Haddad; winner David Duncan; Mastronardi Produce representative Linda McKinlay.

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